This level 2 corner unit is the perfect canvas for someone looking to reinterpret the space or better still, restore this home into how it looks like in the 1950s

This property has almost everything intact, including the fire stove in the kitchen. I’ve been selling these properties for decades and this is the first one I’ve encounter such a mint condition property on this side of Tiong Bahru.

How if restoration isn’t your thing, this is the perfect property for you to recreate something that you can call your own. Many who bought into this neighbourhood have gone through this journey and you can feel them radiating that joy and pride when they share their experience with you.

This is one of the many examples of how residents overhauled their properties:

This unit is located along a tree lines pavement and away from the road and market. If you have been looking for a unit here, you will know this is a great location within the Tiong Bahru Estate Post War Walk Up apartment enclave.

Call me now. Serious seller.

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