This apartment is what realtors would term it: The Location of the Location. Or in short, Choice Unit.

The front of this home faces the glorious crowding glory of Singapore’s first public housing during the colonial era, now conserved and famous too, the Tiong Bahru Pre-war flats.

If you had been diligently searching for a home in this area, you will have an inkling of where the ideal blocks are located.

Most home buyers arrive at the conclusion that their ideal flat would be located at the perimeter of the neighbourhood. This would allow them to look out of the window and admire the views, instead of looking at what the neighbours across are cooking or watching.

This choice home is located on level 2 of a walk up apartment. FYI, level 2 is the most optimal level for a walk up apartment as climb is manageable and minimal.

The owner renovated this apartment as a newly wed couple. The current furniture arrangement is a result of having a kid and the line between media area and bedroom gets blurred.

But no worries, this realtor is happy to assist and help you unsee the current plan. The intended plan really makes lots of sense.

If you have read till here, thank you so much. A small number of buyers/agent didn’t know there are descriptions for listing such as this. LOL.

Let’s discuss more when we meet for the physical viewing. Meanwhile, while you are submitting the Intent to Buy to HDB, take advantage of the virtual tour and floor plan that is provided.

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