A Tiong Bahru connoisseur would know this apartment is a gem right away!

A Tiong Bahru connoisseur would know this apartment is a gem right away!

If you have been searching for a home in Tiong Bahru, you would know that there are certain blocks and corners that are highly sought after. An example would be a corner unit with a nice view located within a quiet corner and yet very accessible to your car, parks. cafes, coffeeshop. MRT and the market.

And to find one amalgamated unit. aka JUMBO HDB, is like striking the real estate lottery.

This would be ideal for large family with the need for 4-5 bedrooms. If you don’t need so much space, you can rent out half of the property to derive rental income until you need the space in future. Don’t have to go into any 1:99 arrangement and run afoul with the taxman.

If you are super excited now, please hold your horses first.

You have to be eligible to buy a HDB* first. Yeah I know, its a bummer but please click on the link to discover the moment of truth. (HDB INTENT TO BUY)


If you cleared that without any issue, Hooray! You are now one step closer to owning this ONE OF A KIND GEM in the whole of Singapore!

Recap: This apartment is located on a top floor of a colonial building, surrounded by greenery and quaint conserved buildings. It is also close to many artisanal cafes, bakery and old local coffeeshop.

The Tiong Bahru MRT & Mall is a mere 5 minutes walk away while 7-11 and Fairprice is just 3 minutes away.

Unit is bright and breezy and it is always a joy to laze around in this home reading a book or recharging for the week.

Whatsapp me to register your interest: (Whatsapp Alvin Yeo) and who knows you might be a proud owner of this very rare real estate.

Alvin Yeo HP 9100-0001


*These apartments were built between 1948-1954 after WWII.

It was built by HDB’s predecessor, The Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT). 

Originally these where leased out and subsequently sold to Singaporeans from 1973 onward. Hence the 99 year lease starts from 1973, not 1950 as many tend to think.


Need more persuasions? This is a good read : Paying $1.5 million for an old Tiong Bahru HDB flat is a genius move. Here’s why



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