If you always loved living in a conserved property but couldn’t give up the convenience and amenities a condo could offer, this might be a good compromise.

These 5 blocks of conserved post war 1950′s SIT flats is a prime example of how the old could be amalgamated with the new.

Back then, it was safe to assume that all old building will be torn down when they are earmarked for future residential use. So it took courage and foresight and also a brave developer who is willing to take up that challenge.

Today, they have a nice showcase for the other developer to emulate.

These 5 conserved blocks were built between 1948 and 1952 by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT). Before it was torn down, Kampong Silat was the second-oldest surviving public housing estate after Tiong Bahru Estate.

These Kampong Silat flats were designed in a squarish, Art-Deco style, with architectural adaptations for Singapore’s tropical climate. The curved concrete shades along the buildings’ facades shielded the flats from direct sunlight, and allowed windows to be opened during heavy thunderstorms. There were also spacious balconies next to the kitchens to make cooking more comfortable, and chimney-like structures for ventilation. These features made living in Singapore’s weather much more pleasant. Even though the internal has been remodeled, you can still see the original elements that is evident on the facade.

The remodelled layout remains squarish and efficient for furniture placement. And unlike the original intent, it has 2 modern bathrooms and a private lift for those who finds it a chore to climb up the stairs to reach home. You can still reminisce the stairs climbing though. The original rails and stairs has been left intact by the developer via the rear door.

I hope you are as excited as I’m am about this rare restored conserved properties. Be the 1st one to move into this piece of Singapore Architectural history.

And by the way, it is situated next to the rail corridor where you could trace how the Malayan Rail traverse from the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, via the Bukit TImah Station and eventually stopping at Woodlands before it cross over to Malaysian. (https://railcorridor.nparks.gov.sg/)

Here’s the virtual of the apartment. Located on the top floor of the building.

Here’s more link to this locale if you are keen to find out more:


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