The mantra for a good property purchase has always been Location, Location & Location. And these days, we can probably include SIZE.

The closer you are to the city, the smaller the apartments are getting. So what might be tiny in the 1950s is considered generous now.

This home is one of the choice units amongst what is available for sale within the Tiong Bahru Post War section now. Ask me why I make this claim when we meet for a viewing. But if you have done your homework, I’m sure you would have arrived at the same conclusion.

If climbing stairs isn’t really top on your list, even though you really want to experience living in a colonial era walk up apartment, this is the best compromise. You won’t be out of breath coming back to this home. Don’t believe me? See how fit everyone living here are. The higher their unit, the fitter they are (I’m joking)

This apartment is somewhat brighter and breezier; perhaps because it is built on elevated grounds compared to those across.

The lush greenery outside the windows provides a serene and soothing ambience whether you are relaxing or working from home. Once in a while, you can spot some song birds and the occasional Borneo hornbills perched on the tree outside the window.

When it comes to amenities, this neigbourhood is hard to beat. You are just a short walk away from almost everything you need on a daily basis. From food and groceries from the famed Tiong Bahru market and shopping malls, Buses and MRT, cafes, coffee shops and boutique restaurants, some so hidden that even residents aren’t aware.

If you had been waiting for something special to create lasting memories, this home could be the one.

Take your first step and Whatsapp me now. (Call also can)

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