The ShopHouse @ Tiong Bahru from on Vimeo.

No, this isn’t really a shophouse but there is potential to make look and feel like one.

There are only 2 rows of flats within Tiong Bahru with their own dedicated staircase. If you read in between the lines, it means having your very own private stairs that lead up to your apartment.

Why this is so is because this is the only unit located on level 2 with the same column. You do not need to share the stairs with any neighbours. And since you are the one and only on level 2, you also get your own dedicated fire escape stairs. So while almost everyone within Tiong Bahru has to share the common space, you get all these stairs all to yourself.

So if you have a lot of imaginations and creativity, you can do wonders and transform this normal looking space into something that will make all your neighbours jealous.

And because everyone who lives in these are keeping it under wraps, this is one reason why not many people here are aware of this unpolished diamond that exists within the hood.

So make an appointment with me today and the next phase of the journey is going to be exciting.


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