NOTE : Available Mid May 2016

This timeless beauty provides a snapshot of how units were renovated back then.

Back then, people do not try too hard to put frills into their apartment. Just practical and timeless renovations that has now come a full circle.

Old is Gold and this apartment demonstrates that quality.

Make a call to the agent and experience this apartment onsite.

Your next call could be movers.

By the way, this is also the signature block of the Old Tiong Bahru Estate as it is the only cluster of flats that are 5 storey tall back and believe it or not, it was the tallest RESIDENTIAL building back in the 1940s!

People all over the island actually traverse here to gawk at these buildings and they actually coined a name for these buildings, The Hollywood of Singapore. How cool is that?

I have a picture, well not exactly taken in the 1940s nor 1950s, it is old enough…anyway, you’d get the picture. No pun intended :-)

These rare gems are getting rarer by the day.  If you are ready to create a masterpiece here or to do some serious restoration work, this is the ONE!

Call me now to view it anytime!

Here’s the history bit :

To find out more about the origins of this street name, please click on the following :  So Guan Chuan!

To view the floor plan, please click on the following : FLOOR PLAN

Want to find out more about Singapore’s Oldest and Most Charming Neighbourhood?
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